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Lefrik, Internet Retail Co, S.L. is certain that the sustainability of development of its activities is not viable without the voluntary integration of social and environmental concerns in its commercial operations and its relations with its interlocutors.

Lefrik, Internet Retail Co, S.L. respects and ensures fulfilment of the following commitments:

  • Respect of the rights of its employees and the environment in which they operate.
  • Compliance with the legal requirements and other agreed requirements.
  • Excellence in managing processes to ensure a high degree of quality in the services provided and achieve constant improvement.
  •  Ensure participation of the chain of suppliers of Lefrik, Internet Retail Co, S.L. in these commitments.

1. Child labour

We will not use, nor will we support the use of labour of people under 15 years of age or younger if the local legislation where we are located so demands.  We will not expose children or workers under the age of 18 to situations, inside or outside the workplace, which may be dangerous, unsafe or unhealthy.

2. Forced labour

We will not use, nor will we promote the use of forced labour, nor will we ask our staff to leave in our custody any "deposits", or identity documents, when entering into a working relationship with our company.

3. Health and Safety at work

Bearing in mind the risks specific to our activity and installations, we will establish a safe and healthy working environment, and will take appropriate measures to prevent accidents and injuries caused during working activity or associated to the same, through the limitation, as far as is reasonably practical, of the causes of risks inherent to our working environment.

4. Discrimination

We will not carry out, nor will we promote, any form of discrimination based on reasons of race, caste, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, trade union participation, political affiliation or age when hiring, paying, training, promoting, dismissing or giving retirement to our staff.

5. Prevention of pollution

We will strive to comply with all applicable environmental requirements of a legal nature.   We will reduce the quantity and weight of packaging and containers, guaranteeing the protection of the product.  We will minimize the use of heavy metals and other materials which may have negative impacts on the environment.  On our packaging and containers we will include the corresponding labels as stipulated in the place of destination of the product, which guarantee the correct waste management for the containers.

6. Compliance with the code in the chain of suppliers

To guarantee compliance with the Code of Conduct in our Chain of Suppliers, we will establish and maintain suitable procedures to evaluate and select suppliers/subcontractors.