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Lefrik & RPET




Wondering why the recycled PET used in LefrikĀ“s ECO collection is considered a sustainable material?

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is used to manufacture most of the bottles and plastic containers in the world, but it is also used to manufacture textile fibers.

In fact, about 60% of the worldā€™s PET is used to make polyester, which you can find in many garments and accessories. This means that most polyester is manufactured specifically to be made into fibers, NOT bottles, as many people think.

Of the % of PET used to make bottles, only a tiny fraction is recycled into RPET fibers, and it is with these fibers that Lefrik manufactures its bags and backpacks.

Detalle Mochila

And now, why is recycled polyester (RPET) considered a sustainable textile?

The reason is that the energy needed to make RPET is less than what was needed to make the virgin polyester in the first place, so we can save energy while also keeping bottles and other plastics out of the landfills.

Funda Eco Mint
Nevertheless, even though we at Lefrik always advise recycling, we recognize that this action on its own will not save the Checplanet, and we urge people to lower consumption and try to use products for as long as possible
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